Hello! I’m Rhi and I own My Sweet Indulgence, located in Ocean Reef, Perth.

My baking journey began around the time I met my husband in early 2016. I’d always gained a lot of enjoyment from baking, but I didn’t start making things from scratch until I met him, and it was addictive!

The catalyst for My Sweet Indulgence was having my daughter in 2017. It was a joint decision between my husband and I that I would quit my job in accounts for a plumbing firm, and stay home to raise her. This meant I also had more time to bake, and my passion started growing exponentially. I started following a variety of cakers on Instagram, and before I knew it I was buying assorted cake decorating tools and experimenting!

I remember sitting on the lounge one day in early 2018, and the name My Sweet Indulgence popped into my head completely at random. I’d never had any interest in starting my own business of any kind truth be told, until that moment. I’d also not put a lot of thought into what I would like to do for work once I was ready to return to work, but suddenly it was as though everything fell into place. I registered my business name with ASIC and got an ABN. I started building my portfolio by doing cakes for family and friends if they asked me. I wanted to become official and get stuck into marketing and advertising straight away, but we were planning to upgrade to a larger home to suit our growing family (now 4 of us after our son’s arrival in June 2019), and not knowing what council area we would be living in when we moved put my plans on hold.

When we finally found the right home in March 2019, I applied for and gained my approval with the local council, and here we are!

Baking is something that brings me a lot of joy and I love the endless creativity that comes with cakes in particular. My skills have been put to the test with my husband’s diagnosis of coeliac disease, and as a result I’ve been expanding my menu slowly to cater for those like him who aren’t able to enjoy “normal” cakes and baked goods. I place a lot of emphasis on the taste of my creations – I won’t agree to make something unless I’ve already made it in the past and decided with complete certainty that it meets my own very high standards, so you can be assured that you’ll be getting quality!

I’m so excited to be a part of your next event if you’ll have me on board ❤

Rhi xx